About Ebb

Textile craft meets craft of coffee


Our Ethics

From sourcing American grown certified organic cotton to keeping production local, our goal is to make great tasting coffee at no one's expense. After two years of research, testing and sourcing, we're excited to share this labor of love with others.

Every Ebb filter is crafted by the hands and machines of farmers, millers, weavers, cutters and sewers from Texas to the Carolinas to the California Bay Area. From organic cotton crops that reduce harm to land and laborers to cut-and-sew production under our own roof, we are part of a community that cares about fair wages, healthy lands and happy people. With each purchase of Ebb, you support these efforts.

Made in California

We are GDS Cloth Goods, a design and production studio responsibly creating staple pieces for wear and use. GDS was established as a testing ground and production space for products and workshops at the intersection of design, sustainability and function. We believe that knowing the makers of our textile goods is as important as understanding the route of food from farm to table. Check our community calendar for upcoming California Bay Area events.




Texas Organic

After two years of obsessive research, testing and fabric sourcing, we've located the best fiber in the country for making Ebb coffee filters – organic cotton from the farms of Texas. Founded in 1993, Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative members produce the majority of the organic cotton grown in the United States with the mission to produce only through environmentally conscious methods and to pass on this farming heritage to their children.


Friends + Supporters

Ebb was created with the support of a community. We could not be here today without collaborators, mentors, friends and family who never stopped cheering for Ebb. Here's the growing team of supporters who pushed this project forward:

Allie Cope, Blue Bottle - recipe development

Ashley RodriguezBoss Barista - research + testing

Benjamin Brewer, Director of Quality Control, Blue Bottle - testing

Brita Thompson - logo design

Chelsey Dyer - graphic design

Christopher Sturm - photography

Maria Schoettler - illustration