Before you Start

Care recommendations and equipment suggestions


Ebb Prep & Care


Prepping For First Use

Remove your new filter from its packaging and boil for five minutes. This only needs to be done once when your filter is new. Boiling the filter will shrink the fibers to create an even denser structure for filtration. It will also remove any lint and dust remaining from production.

After boiling, allow water to cool until it's comfortable to touch. Gently wring out or squeeze filter.

Your filter is now ready for its first assignment!


cleaning + Storage

Pull filter and let cool. Shake grounds into compost or trash and rinse well. Do not use soap of any kind. Even the safest soaps were not intended for ingestion. 

Here's the real magic – store Ebb in water in the refrigerator to drastically extend the lifespan to 90-120 uses. Storing in water keeps oils from drying into the fibers of the fabric. It is normal for some color change to occur. Think of the color change as a natural dye or patina – it changes over time and is totally safe and clean, even beautiful. 

You may decide to hang your filter to dry between uses instead. There's nothing wrong with that, but be aware that as oils dry in between the yarns of the cloth, they will begin to clog those passages and therefore will shorten the lifespan of your filter and impart flavors to your coffee. As we always say, "to each, their own." 

Still have questions about cleaning and storage? Shoot us a message.


Equipment for brewing with Ebb



We like a variety of kettles – some for their modern aesthetic others for their retro feel. What matters most is how it pours. We got the Stagg Kettle by Fellow at Four Barrel. It's beautiful and almost perfect except that it dribbles when pouring slowly. The thermometer is a great perk, though. We love the Tsuki Usagi Jirushi Slim Pot, but note, it is not stove-top safe. Another kettle we like, even though it is not suitable for open flame, is this wood-handled kettle. When we're not near our stove, we like Hario's Electric Kettle. There are many others we haven't had a chance to use yet like this copper kettle. Let us know if you have recommendations.



Burr grinder, definitely! We have the Baratza Encore but it's really messy. Hand grinders from Porlex and Hairo are great but can take a lot of time and muscle. Here are top choices across a range of prices.



A scale with a built in timer is the way to go. We use this one at home. We also have our eyes on the Acaia.



You're probably all familiar with Chemex, V60 and the #2 options out there like Bonmac and Bee House (we have a major crush on the yellow Bee House in particular). In Addition to those, check out some of these from smaller designers. Pinckney Clay makes gorgeous Chemex-sized drippers. Alyssa Block makes tiny V60-shaped drippers for those who need a little artful humor in their morning. Email these craftswomen directly to order since many of their products are made-to-order. Yield Design manufactures a variety of stunning objects. Their V60-shaped Double-Wall Pour Over is terribly seductive though we haven't tried it. 


brew guide

for V60

Brew Guide

for Cheme

Brew Guide

for #2 drippers