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How long does Ebb last?

On average, an Ebb filter lasts 90-120 uses. That's 3 to 4 months for daily drinkers.


How do you clean it?

At the end of each use, pull filter from dripper and let cool. Shake grounds into compost or trash and rinse well. Do not use soap.  


How should Ebb be stored between uses?

For consistently high quality brews, we recommend storing Ebb wet and refrigerating between uses.

After clean up, place rinsed, wet filter in water-tight container–like a small jar. Place container in fridge and you're done!


How does it compare to paper?

It works just like a paper filter. Except that you won't get that paper taste and it doesn't get thrown away each use. 

Like all things non-single-use, Ebb filters change with time. They will pour more quickly when they are new, hit a sweet spot at middle-age, and begin to pour more slowly toward the end of their lifecycle. At that point, compost and replace.

If you need a hand getting your brew right, check out our brew guides.



Yes! Contact us if you're interested in offering Ebb at your coffee shop, specialty foods store or home goods boutique.


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