Pro tips for #2 drippers

One little cup, so much flavor.


Step 1

Start by boiling water. Grab your filter from the fridge and all your equipment. If this is the first time you're using this filter, remember to boil it for 5 minutes to shrink and prep fibers.


Step 2

While you wait for the water to boil, grind 20 grams of coffee. The grind should be slightly finer than table salt. Set dripper with filter over coffee cup and pour a small amount of boiling water through to heat. Wait for water to drain. Dispose water and add coffee grounds.


Step 3

Preinfuse – add 40 grams of water to your bed of coffee and watch it grow, bloom and pop.


Step 4

After 40 seconds, slowly pour in concentric circles until you reach 175 grams. You've created your high waterline.


Step 5

Wait for waterline to drop about 1/2 inch, then start pouring in concentric circles to 225 grams.


Step 6

Repeat as waterline drops, adding water in 50 gram bursts until you reach 325 grams. 

Pull filter once coffee bed is dry around 2:50-3:20. If your brew time is under the suggested time range, use a finer grind next time. If your brew time is over the suggested time range, use a coarser grind. 


Step 7

Find a cozy spot or creature and enjoy! Also, we highly recommend coffee hangouts at home with friends. When you can make coffee this good at home, why go out?!



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Thanks to these guys!

This Ebb Brew Guide was developed by Bay Area barista, Allie Cope, and photographed by Ghostfotographics. Learn More > 

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