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How to care for Ebb


Ebb Prep & Care



Boiling the filter for a few minutes will clean and prep it for it's first use. This only needs to be done once when your filter is new. Boiling the filter will shrink the fibers to create an even denser structure for filtration.

After boiling, allow water to cool until it's comfortable to touch. Gently wring out or squeeze filter.

Your filter is now ready for its first use!


cleaning + Storage

Pull filter and let cool. Shake grounds into compost or trash and rinse well. Do not use soap of any kind. 

Here's the real magic – store Ebb in water in the refrigerator for best results. Storing in water keeps oils from drying into the fabric. It is normal for some color change to occur. Think of the color change as a natural dye or patina – it changes over time and is totally safe and clean, even beautiful. 

Hanging your filter to dry between uses is another option. It's good to note that oils from coffee will accumulate on the fabric more quickly if storing this way.

Still have questions about cleaning and storage? Shoot us a message.


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