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Brewing with Ebb is about slowing down to encourage those moments that help you connect with your daily tasks. Sharing cloth coffee filter traditions from around the world is one way we do this.


Looking for an organic cotton coffee filter for your daily coffee ritual? Ebb is now available in four of the most popular pourover styles.

Basic brewing instructions come with every Ebb filter. For tips developed by experts in the field, follow our detailed brew guide.


Ebb was created so that you can deepen your enjoyment of coffee at no one’s expense. Now you can savor the sweet flavors only cloth can produce while supporting positive change.


Sure we love coffee, but the real reason we created Ebb goes much deeper. This story is about knowing where our products come from, not just the coffee we drink or food we eat. 

There are a few questions we get often. You may be wondering how long an Ebb filter lasts or how to care for it. Head over to the FAQ page for the basics and some.