The folks who made it possible

Community funded from seed to cup



In March of 2018, our community came together to raise over $18K so that the fabric we developed specifically for pourover could be purchased, and the first batch of seed to cup Ebb Filters could be produced. Customers, clients, collaborators, neighbors, friends and family–these are the people who made it all possible–

A Verb For Keeping Warm

Aaron Pippin

Abacus Row

Adele R

Alanna Rose


Alex Bowman

Alex Evans

Alison Schmidt

Allie Cope

Amelia Strader

Andra Miller

Andréa Mosca

Andrea Plell

Andrew N

Angela from Retrograde Coffee Roasters

Anna Brones


Annika Zwirn


Ascha Kells Drake

Atelier Dion

Atelier Petit Ceramics

Atha Davis

Baana Co.

Bay Area Made

Better for Living

Bianca Pardini

Birds of a Thread

Books in Harmony

Brett Torrey Haynes,


Brita Thompson

Britex Fabrics

Buffalo & Co

Caitlyn O’Connell

Camuna Cellars

Carol Knox

Carol Wai

Casey S.

Cassie Hoeprich

Chelsey Dyer

Chris Tsay

Christine and Robert Ferrouge

Christine Farren

Christine Koth, Holistic Physical Therapist

Clare Judith

Claudia B. Manley

Craftsman Coffee

D'Lynda Fischer

Daniel Medina-Cleghorn

David Marmolego

David Shircliff

Deirdre Peckenham

Diana Rosenberg

Do-Hee Kim

Dustin Page

Emily Howe

Emma & Bubba Brooks


Erin Ferguson

Farmhand Kitchen

Fiona Bradford

Gillian Hamel & Vince Penuela

Handcraft Studio School

Handyma'am Goods

Hanna Pitman

Hannah Beatrice Quinn

Holly Bobisuthi

Identafire - Design and Development for Social Impact

Irene Yu

james freeman

Jamie Facciola

Jana Higginbottom

Jeff and Melissa

Jen Gann

Jenna Rae

Jennie Russell

Jennifer Williams

Jess Chamberlain

Jess Daniels

Jess M

Jessica Lioon, Garlic Press Jess

Jimmy Anderson

Jon Kishimoto

Juarez Sieburger

Julia Lemke


Kat Foster

Kate Woods

Kelly Shimoda

Kevin Scott Brown

Khürt Williams

Kiffanie Stahle

Kit Bruce

Koeppel Design

Kosa Arts

Kristin R

LA Yoga Club

Leah Tumerman

Lee Lambert

Linda Hsiao

Lisa Hammond

Lisa the caretaker

Lise Silva Gomes

Live Good Live Well

Liz Clark

Mani Katz

Maria Schoettler

Marja Germans Gard

Martha Wright

Marti Woolford

Mary Denham

Matan Gold

Mattie Peckenham

Meg Cotner

Melanie Abrantes

Melody Bobisuthi

Meredith Swinehart

Michael Molesky

Michelle Ott

Miracle Plum

Mixed Pickles Antiques

Molly Stewart

Monifa Dayo

Mycroft A

New Market Goods

ODSY Workshop

Olivia A Carter


Orlie K

Pablo Penuela

Preserved Goods


Rachel Frey

Rachel Palfini

Rebecca Burgess

Retrograde Coffee Roasters


Rosey Lakos

Rukmini Giridharadas

Sage Dahlen

Sallie Miller + Miracle Plum

Sam Hirshman

Samantha Ives

Sana Javeri Kadri

Sarah A Michal

Sarah Kersten


Sean Mc

Shelby Drabman

Shiree Dyson


Square School


Steve Flack

Summer Solace Tallow



Tamm Adams

Taylor Ingram

Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative

The Lomers

The Meadcast

The Zumwalts

Tiffany Royal

Vickie Feldstein

Vivian Tsay

Vlad Georgescu

W Valentine-Wafer


Wade Hammes

Wes Roe


Zelma Rose


So many others were there too, cheering us on, showing up, and spreading the word to their communities. We’re so amazed by the ways everyone came through.

Thank you!

You too can be part of this journey by visiting us at a farmers market, making the switch from paper to cloth, and by following us so you can make the most of your new Ebb pourover ritual!

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Organic cotton crop in Texas where our filters' journey begins

Organic cotton crop in Texas where our filters' journey begins